Kathrine Heiberg


MSclaw& economics, CBS (Copenhagen Business School)
Member of European Research Group, ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers)
Chairman of the Polish Shopping Center Councils Research Group.

reteam group is specialist in developing and realizing strategies for retail destinations. Shopping centres, city districts, external retail parks from South Africa to Finland are clients within reteam group. The group has offices in Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and Sweden and offers a full range of services, from retail and consumer analyses, over programming/master planning, design and leasing.

Kathrine skills for trends and consumer understanding are well-known not only in the Scandinavian countries and by reteams costumers. It is more than 10 years ago she was asked to join ICSC’s European Research Group, and her delicate questions have increased the hot topic discussions as nothing is taken for given.

One major achievement is the research project that resulted in mind16, a socio-graphic development tool that defines the values of consumers, retailers and competing marketplaces. mind16 is used to secure value creation and long term competitive advantage for both shopping malls and retailers.

In May 2015 Kathrine received the ICSCs Gold Medallion Award to acknowledge her significant contribution to ICSC and the shopping-center industry.

In February 2016 reteam group received the award “The Real Estate Partner of the Year 2016”. During the award ceremony the jury specifically emphasized that to be a partner requires knowledge, competence but also courage to remain independent and to endure when the wind blows. In a segment where the customers’ customers are ruthless in its pursuit of new experiences are property owners facing demands for constant innovation in order to survive. Reteam group and Kathrine Heiberg represents the experience and competence required and has thus contributed to success and tangible results for their clients.

In June 2017 Kathrine Was nominated to Estate Medias reward as a female role model in the Danish real estate industry.